Torrey Pine Snack Bowl

I turned this Torrey Pine bowl in my woodturning class at Palomar College as a project to be entered in the 2012 San Diego County Fair. Knowing that I would have a hard time competing with segmented bowls and fancy designs based on the Torrey Pine stock I received, I decided on a simple, flowing design with a subtle curve to the outside and focused strictly on the finish. My goal was to make the bowl so smooth that people would have a hard time believing that it was made from pine. The bowl was sanded down to 12,000 grit on the lathe, then finished with 6 coats of shellac that was rubbed down to 3,600 grit sandpaper. While there’s certainly areas in which I can improve in the future, I’m extremely pleased with how the bowl came out. I only wish it were possible to convey how smooth it is via pictures.

I’m excited to announce that the Torrey Pine bowl was awarded a 1st Place Blue Ribbon at the San Diego County Fair! As soon as the bowl returns from the fair, I will make sure to take some additional pictures to add to the portfolio. Until then, make sure to stop by the student showcase at the San Diego County Fair and take a look at it for yourself!

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