Walnut Mantel Clock

This walnut mantel clock was my project for my first semester class at Palomar College. ¬†Working from plans provided from the college, the pieces were sawn from urban lumber stock, jointed, assembled and sanded over the course of the semester. The wood for this clock was sourced from a walnut tree located at the Los Angeles Zoo. The tree was removed due to infestation, and was milled by Palomar College as part of the school’s urban wood recovery program.

The clock is made from solid walnut, with the exception of the inlays on the dial board, which are made from maple and ebony. Hardware was sourced and painted black to match the ebony dialboard inlays. The front door opens to allow access to the clock hands, and the back panel is removable to allow access to the clock works. This clock was finished with 3 coats of pure tung oil and 2 coats of carnauba wax.

The walnut mantel clock was awarded a 1st Place Blue Ribbon at the 2012 San Diego County Fair.


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